Various Events Commemorating the Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad SAW at RTQ Shohibul Mukminin (25 – 27/09/2023)

Submission of Funding Assistance for the Construction of the Al Marhamah Mosque, Batu Urip Village Lubuklinggau (18/08/2023)

Construction of the Al Kariim Mosque, Muara Enim Village, Lubuklinggau City (May-August 2023)

Qurbani 1444 H/2023 at LPQ Al Huda I (01/07/2023)

Qurbani 1444 H/2023 at RTQ Shohibul Mukminin Lubuklinggau (30/06/2023)

Qurbani 1444 H/2023 at Al Amin Lubuklinggau Orphanage (29/06/2023)

The distribution of basic food assistance to flood-affected residents in Musi Rawas was assisted by students and the surrounding community (17/03/2023)

Sadaqah Rice for the Elderly and Poor Asnaf (09/03/2023)

Sadaqah Nutritious Food and Fresh Fruit for Tahfiz Quran Student (26/02/2023)

Renovation of Pre-Prosperous Residents’ Houses (February 2023)

Installation of Air Conditioner for LPQ Al Huda (11/02/2023)

Gifts for Outstanding Tahfiz Quran Student (26/01/2023)

Cash assistance and groceries for the elderly (20/01/2023)

Islamic Boarding School Santri Scholarship (04/01/2023)

Rice and Nutritious Food for the Elderly (18/12/2022)

Dispenser for Mosques / Mushola (15/12/2022)

Islamic Education Scholarships (Tahun Akademik 2021/2022)

Sadaqah Children’s Toys for Orphanages (15/11/2022)